Skills Australia Institute

One of the Perth Colleges You Can Count On

Skills Australia Institute or SAI is one of the premier Perth colleges in the area. It is an institution that values the career progression, educational achievements, and the journey of its students towards their chosen professional paths. SAI is committed in serving only the best academic and support services to each student, which will enable them to become more confident with their skills and capabilities.

Why Choose Skilled Australia Institute Among Other Perth Colleges?


 The amazing campus of SAI is positively different from other colleges in Perth. It is located in the very centre of Perth’s Central Business District and it is situated near the railway station, the State Library, and even the Murray Street Shopping Mall so students can have a flourishing experience during their stay.


 SAI offers a wide variety of courses in the fields of Business, Early Childhood Education, English language, and Hospitality. The institute’s curriculum is catered to be job oriented and nationally recognised, which can help students become qualified for the possibility of a career in the country. The courses are all learner centred, which could give students a much more hands-on and in-depth take on the different topics being discussed.


 To be able to teach in such a powerful and meaning way, SAI only serves to provide multicultural staff and trainers. These individuals are highly qualified individuals that have impressive industry experience. This means that the students will be learning from only the best educators in their chosen fields.


 The institute is also known for its state of the art facilities and pristine classrooms. Students will be able to study in fully equipped classrooms that are air-conditioned and fully furnished. SAI’s resource centre also has a wide selection of reference books for students to peruse and subscriptions to notable online databases such as Google Scholar, EBSCO, and so many more. Majority of facilities have also wireless Internet connection for easy accessibility.


 Students will also be able to experience what Australia has to offer. It will expose them in the wonders of this country by enrolling at Skilled Australia Institute. The campus’ culture and education system is the perfect location for your intellectual growth in order for you to widen your career prospects. SAI is a Perth College you should definitely consider, especially if you want a holistic education that you can count on.