Advanced Diploma of Telecommunications Network Engineering Perth

The Advanced Diploma of Telecommunications Network Engineering Perth focuses on the job role of a technical specialist. After the successful completion of this course, you will attain a wide range of knowledge and skills in specific sectors associated with telecom.
You can plan, design and coordinate the Information and Technology IP networks and Telecommunications by optimising your skills and knowledge. You can execute the convergence technologies in enterprise telecommunications network aside forecasting network growth for enterprise network planning. However, before opting for this course, it is imperative to know about the job roles available in the professional arena. 

Employment Opportunities

Complete this course if you wish to kick-start your career as a technical pro in the Australian Telecommunications Industry. Successful completion of this course prepares you for a range of job prospects. A comprehensive checklist of these job roles has been given below. 

  • Telecommunications Technologist
  • Telecommunications Technical Officer
  • Telecommunications Network Designer
  • Telecommunications Network Planner
  • Telecommunications Network administrator

We at SAI are offering this program to our learners to ensure a rewarding career for them. We want our students to achieve a cumulative career development post this course’s completion. It is by ascertaining the job-roles for them discussed above. 

Why choose Skills Australia Institute?

We at Skills Australia Institute are presently regarded as one of the Best colleges in Australia amongst other colleges/universities. Overseas learners are increasingly applying for the Advanced Diploma of Telecommunications Network Engineering Perth from our institute for these reasons. 

  • Nationally recognised courses: We’re offering nationally recognised courses to our students. Our telecommunications courses are widely accepted in the whole of Australia. It allows our students to get familiar with the entire academic system of Australia. They will also become familiar with the lucrative job prospects which are awaiting them after completing their relevant courses. 
  • Astute Trainers: We have a team of astute trainers and staff who are former Industry stalwarts. Most of our trainers pertain to multicultural backgrounds. Their premium qualifications are reflected through their breathtaking industry experience. It ensures the finest academic experience for each of our learners.
  • Ease of access: We allow our students to complete the said course through convenient locations. Our campuses are unconventionally designed as compared to other colleges. We’re located in a convenient place in Perth which is close to some of the most prominent locations of the suburb. It allows all our students to commute conveniently while coming across the most notable sites of Perth. 
  • Courses in great demand: Our Telecommunications courses are in the greatest demand right now. This is sole because of the optimal quality we maintain while providing our telecommunications courses. Providing career-oriented training within the excellent ambience is what SAI aims at. Each of our classrooms is equipped with ultramodern amenities. That is the reason for which learners are increasingly applying to our institute for studying these telecommunications courses. 

So, hurry! Apply for the Advanced Diploma of Telecommunications Network Engineering today! A flourishing career awaits you after you complete this course with flying colours from our institute. Joining SAI means you’ve stepped into a world of successful career opportunities post the accomplishment of the course. 

Join our institute today and let us unlock a world full of bright opportunities for you!

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