Australian residents Admission Entry Requirements

Here’s a list of the admission entry requirements you need to meet:
  • In order to study Business, Early Childhood Education and Hospitality courses, domestic students must be 15 years of age or higher.
  • It is vital for all domestic students to have the right to permanently live and work in Australia without any restrictions on their visas.
  • There is a strong requirement for domestic students to be proficient in the English language; must be literate; and have a good handle of at least basic Maths. It might be a requirement for students to take an LLN test before they can be admitted.
  • Students must have completed a minimum of Year 11 education or equivalent to gain enrolment in certificate III and IV level courses. Mature age students (20 years old and above) are also eligible.
  • For direct enrolment in a Diploma level course of study a Year 12 education or equivalent must be gained. Individuals aged 20 years old and above are welcome to apply.