Course Credits for Australian Residents


If you ever had previous recognised trainings, skills, or educational attainments then Skills Australia Institute is happy to announce our credit handling services for your utilisation, which are:

Credit Transfer

The credit transfer service means that the SAI recognises all of the student’s educational attainment or training that have been completed beforehand (via a mapping process). However, it must be noted that what the student is presenting to SAI is a valid accomplishment in the course’s curriculum that is related to the course he or she will take in the institution. It is important to note that SAI will be contacting the institute or certifying body the student got the credits from to ensure its validity.

To receive Credit Transfer, you must be enrolled in the relevant program. Credit Transfer can be granted if you provide SAI with certified copies of your qualifications, a Statement of Attainment or a Statement of Results. All qualifications will be verified.

Course Credit

To avail this service a student must:

  • Be enrolled in SAI relevant programs.
  • Filled out the Credit Transfer Form (which is available at the Student Administration)
  • Have certified and/or endorsed copies of your credentials.
  • Have official copies of the Statement of Attainment and/or Statement of Results, which should be verified by the educational institution or certifying body.
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

This is the system wherein students’ previous educational and professional experiences match the essence or certain aspects of the modules within the training and assessment program being taken at SAI.

The student is required to provide sufficient and legitimate evidences to prove this. Examples of the required evidence needed are:

  • Preliminary interview
  • Official documents pertaining to the training/work experience (i.e. Certifications issued by the relevant organization)
  • Letters of support from previous employers.
  • Curriculum Vitae (CVs) or Resume (inclusive of job description and summaries of previous training and development).

In order to apply for the RPL and/or Credit transfer the students are encouraged to communicate with Skills Australia Institute in order to fully discuss everything about these topics.