Airport Reception / Accommodation

Being in a foreign country on your own can be an overwhelming and nerve-wracking experience. This is why SAI encourages you to sign up for our Airport Reception and Accommodation Placement Services so you don’t have to worry where you need to go once you arrive in Australia. With this service, you will safe and sound and most importantly, welcome and at home upon your arrival.


We offer our airport greeting service to all of our students. When you avail yourself of this service, we’ll send someone over to welcome you at Pert International Airport and take you to the location of your chosen accommodation.


Apart from picking you up at the airport, we’ll also help you find a place to stay while studying in Perth through our homestay placements. Our homestay hosts range from families and couples to single parents and individuals. No matter who your homestay host will be, you can expect them to provide you with a safe and comfortable roof under your head and introductory advice on living and studying in Australia. With their help, you can better adjust to your new environment, gain a better understanding of the Australian way of life, and improve your ability to communicate in English.

Your host family will also provide you with a clean and furnished bedroom to make your stay as convenient and comfortable as possible. You will also be given access to bathroom and laundry facilities and meal services. Homestay services generally last two weeks.

This is an example of monthly expenses you may incur if you live in single accommodation:
Monthly Expenses Estimated Cost
Rent (four weeks rent @ $150/week) $600
Food (four weeks @ $60/week) $240
Electricity $30
Gas $30
Internet $30
Mobile Phone $30
Transportation $100
Entertainment $100
Insurance – health, home, car $40
Estimated Monthly Total: $1,200*
*Excludes course fees and materials fees
Individual living expenses may vary depending on the type of accommodation, personal consumption and lifestyle.
The Department of Immigration and Border Protection recommends $18,610 as a base figure, to cover one year’s expenses for a single person.

SAI works with Talk about Tours to provide international students with the best Australian living and learning experience with their homestay family. We’ll make sure to provide you with a fully furnished bedroom and use of other household facilities.

Easy Homestay (Over 18s only) Weekly Fee
Traditional Homestay Private Room– 2 meals Monday to Friday, 3 meals on weekends $265
Shared Room– 2 meals Monday to Friday, 3 meals on weekends $235
Dinner Only Private Room- Dinner Only $230
Shared Room- Dinner Only $200
Homeshare Private Room- No Meals $190
Shared Room- No Meals $150
Placement Fee $240
Airport reception fee $120

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