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Become a Marketing Manager In Australia By Completing Diploma of Marketing

Do you dream to work as a marketing manager somewhere like Perth, Australia? If your reply is yes, then apply for any of the highly prospective marketing and communication courses from Perth, Australia.

Who is a marketing manager?

The role of a marketing manager is to plan, implement and evaluate a range of lucrative plans effectively. The primary objective behind doing all these is to enhance the growth of the business he/she is working for. So, apply for a diploma in marketing and communication course immediately and work as a competent marketing manager in Perth, Australia.

Diploma in Marketing and Communication

If you want to work as a marketing manager, then, it’s a bit difficult without formal training. Presently, the course of diploma in marketing and communication is in the greatest demand to become a marketing manager. This diploma of marketing Perth course is apt for people who are passionate about marketing and communication. They must also have a deep theoretical understanding in marketing and communication along with a range of managerial skills.

Things to learn

When studying the course of diploma of marketing and communication Perth you will learn about some effective concepts and matters. These include the following:

  • Skillful management of budgets and financial strategies.
  • The design and implementation of a comprehensive marketing communication plan.
  • Design and execution of print media ads at a massive scale.
  • Strategic identification and interpretation of forthcoming market trends.
  • Planning and enhancement of marketing research and identification of new growth prospects through the means of that.

Post the completion of this course, you will become knowledgeable about an array of marketing and communication skills and competencies. This will let you conduct and manage all the necessary functions and duties within a typical marketing and communication ambience.

Course Duration

The total duration of the diploma in marketing and communication course is 52 weeks. This is further divided into two separate semesters consisting of a duration of 26 weeks each. Each semester is comprised of 4 terms of study with a duration of 10 weeks each. Additionally, there is a break of 3 weeks at the end of each term. So, 40 weeks of study and 12 weeks of holiday come to a duration of 52 weeks altogether.

Role of a marketing manager

Becoming a skilled marketing manager requires you to complete the diploma in marketing and communication course effectively. It is equally important that you complete this course from a reputed college in Perth, Australia. As soon as you finish this course, you can expect to manage the following duties and assignments.

  • Efficient optimization of marketing campaigns to ensure the most beneficial organizational turnover.
  • Development and assessment of Key Performance Indicators or KPIs.
  • Recognition of new growth opportunities via market research.
  • Prediction of current and future consumer trends through the optimization of consumer data.
  • Systematic planning, development and implementation of marketing campaigns to ensure optimal organizational growth.
  • Management and coordination of marketing campaigns comprising a couple of innovative activities. These include media placement, television and film production, media scripting, copywriting and artwork etc. Besides, the marketing manager needs to all these things without affecting the limit of time and budget.

Do you also want to manage these tasks and duties as a marketing manager in Perth? If so, then apply for the course of diploma in marketing and communication right now.

Eligibility Criteria

Applying for the course of diploma in marketing and communication also requires you meet a couple of conditions. Many Australian academic institutes are offering this vocational education and training course to both offshore and onshore applicants. Some of the conditions which you must meet to apply for this course as an overseas student are:

  • You must at least be 18 years of age and not more than that.
  • As an international applicant, you must have a sound understanding in the English language.
  • If you have appeared for the test of Cambridge English Advanced (CAE) ESOL, then obtain a score of 162. If you wish, you can also obtain a score of more than 162.
  • The Pearson Test of English requires you to secure a score of 42 or higher.
  • The TOEF-IBT test requires you to obtain a score of 46 points or more than that.
  • If you are appearing for the test of IELTS, then, at least obtain a score of 5.5.

Besides, you can also opt for the English Placement Test organized by your concerned college/university. This rule applies to applicants who aren’t taking up any of the English language tests stated above.

How old a marketing manager should be?

The Marketing and Communications sector of Perth, Australia recruit marketing managers for its organizations pertaining to all types of ages. These include people belonging to the senior level, mid-level as well as the junior level age group.

What is the salary of a marketing manager in Perth?

Currently, the job role of a marketing manager in Perth, Australia is in the greatest demand. This is due to the lucrative career opportunities as well as the pay-ups it offers, the latter being the chief reason. To be a bit more specific, the average salary which a marketing manager of Perth can get is AU$78, 735. So, do you also want to earn a handsome salary like this as a marketing manager in Perth, Australia? If yes, then complete the course of diploma in marketing and communication as soon as possible.

How responsible is the role of a marketing manager?

The designation of a marketing manager is undoubtedly one of the most upstanding and enjoyable ones to manage. He/she is responsible for planning, appraising and executing a wide range of activities to ensure optimal commercial growth. They are also responsible to enhance their clienteles and formulate innovative revenue strategies via effective actions. These include painstaking analysis, in-depth research and strategic conduction of marketing campaigns. So, you too can expect prospective Career Opportunities after Completion of Diploma in Marketing and Communication.

Final thoughts!

So, hurry! Offers are limited! Apply for the course of diploma in marketing and communication today. By doing so, you can attain your dream career to work as a competent marketing manager in Perth, Australia.

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