Living Cost Dependents

The evidence of financial capacity

Students need to: an official Government documentation of personal income that has been issued in the 12 months immediately before the application is made; and demonstrates that the primary applicant’s parent, spouse or de facto partner has a personal annual income, in the 12 months immediately before the application is made.

If there is no secondary applicant At least $60,000
If there is a secondary applicant At least $70,000

International students are required to demonstrate that they have genuine access to sufficient funds to be granted a Student visa to study in Australia. This fund helps to ensure students and their dependents are better able to make the most of stay in Australia. Most student visas allow students to bring their family members to Australia as their eligible family members. The Funds that students have should be sufficient to contribute to the student’s and their dependent’s cost of travel, tuition, school costs of any dependents, and living costs in Australia.

Expenses Per Person Amount required in AUD
Travel Applicant Return air fare to australia
Family Members one return air fare to australia per person
Tuition Applicant Course fees
School- age
Children aged 5-18
AUD8000 per year
Living Applicant AUD20,290 per year
Partner AUD7,100 per year
Child AUD3,040 per year
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