Conditions of Enrolment

Skills Australia Institute (herein after referred to as SAI and/or the institution) encourages all those willing to study at the institution to read the following terms and conditions diligently. The applicant or any representative on their behalf, such as but not limited to education agents or parents/guardians, to comprehend and accept these conditions with utmost integrity. All international students that plan to study in the institution must be over 18 years of age and must provide adequate evidence of this.

All information and supporting documents given to SAI from the applicant must be accurate and true. Once the enrolment on the student application form has been confirmed and the International Student Written Agreement has been duly signed, an agreement between the applicant and SAI has been validated and agreed upon by both parties, which entails the approval of the refund policy conditions of institution. Under the Australian consumer protection laws, this agreement and the availability of the complaints and appeals processes are still accepted and that SAI’s dispute process do not limit the right of the applicant to follow other legal actions.


  • All fees and charges are payable in Australian dollars prior to commencement of the course in accordance with SAI’s schedule of fees. Course tuition fees are GST exempt. All fees and charges are correct at the time of printing. SAI reserves the right to vary the fees at any time without prior notice.
  • Application fee is a one-off payment and is non-refundable.
  • If the student chooses to cancel this agreement before completion of the course, the student may remain liable to pay for the full tuition fees and the costs incurred by SAI  in recovering any outstanding monies, including debt collection agency fees and legal costs, if applicable
  • Course tuition fees do not cover other charges such as accommodation fees, living expenses, resource/material fee, textbooks, stationery, equipment and other incidental charges. Please refer to SAI fee schedule for details.
  • Payment of fees is required on or by the due date as notified in writing by SAI or as per student invoice. Penalty fees will be applied to all late payment.
  • All course tuition fees are non-transferable except in cases of documented ill heath and may only be transferred to other courses within SAI or at the discretion of SAI’s management.
  • SAI reserves the right to accept or reject any application for enrolment at its sole discretion.
  • SAI reserves the right to cancel any course prior to the commencement of the course should it deem necessary and a full refund of all payments will be given to the applicant.
  • SAI reserves the right to withhold granting the Award attained by the student if student fees remain outstanding.
  • Students are required to pay the fees according to student invoice fee due dates during public holidays, semester break or workplace training period.

Reason for Refund Notification Period Refund Cancellation Fee
Application for visa
is unsuccessful
Before Semester/Course Commences Full refund less cancellation administration fee of $250 $250 cancellation administration fee
After Semester/Course Commences Calculated refund less cancellation fee $250 cancellation administration + Pro-rata of tuition fee used calculated on a weekly basis
Student Default Student with a student visa withdraws
Student Enrolment is cancelled for a breach of College or Student visa rules
More than 10 weeks before semester/course commences Full refund less cancellation fees 10% of a Semester fee
More than 4 weeks and up to 10 weeks before semester/course commences 70% of a semester fee 30% of a semester fee
4 weeks or less before semester/course commences 40% of a semester fee 60% of a semester fee
After semester/course commences No Refund on current semester/course fee

For subsequent semester/courses refer to Notification Period

100% of current semester/course fee For subsequent

semester/courses refer to Cancellation Fees

Skills Australia Institute delivers courses based on terms. 

One Term = 10 weeks study period + 3 weeks holidays = 13 weeks.
Two Terms = One Semester = 20 weeks study period + 6 weeks holidays = 26 weeks.

Student Default occurs when:

  • the course begins at the location on the defined starting date, but the student is a no-show on that day (and has not previously withdrawn); or
  • the student decides to leave from the course at the specified place (before or after the defined starting date); or
  • the registered course provider refuses to provide, or continue providing, the course to the student at the location due to one or more of the ensuing actions:
    1. the student is unable to make a payment of the liable amount to the provider, whether directly or indirectly, in order to start the course;
    2. the student is in breach of student visa conditions;
    3. the student is in breach of Skills Australia Institute Code of Conduct.

Refunds after Skills Australia Institute Default

In the unlikely event of Skills Australia Institute default, within 14 days of the default, Skills Australia Institute will:

  • offer an alternative place at Skills Australia Institute’s expense, that is accepted by the student in writing; or
  • Refund the unused portion of the prepaid fees to the student.

If Skills Australia Institute is unable to provide a refund or place the student in an alternative course, then the student shall be referred to the Tuition Protection Service (TPS:, who will place you in a suitable alternative course or if a suitable course cannot be found, pay a refund as calculated by the TPS Administrator.

Definition of Student Default:

Student default occurs when:

  • Student does not turn up on the agreed course start date as per international student written agreement and has not informed or communicated with SAI directly or via their agents
  • Student withdraws from the course either before or after the agreed course start date
  • Student breached a condition of his/her student visa or SAI’s student code of conduct
  • Non-payment of fees to SAI
  • Student failed to turn up in class for three consecutive scheduled class contact time

Provider defaults occurs when:

  • SAI is unable to offer the course as specified on the student written agreement. SAI will either offer you an alternative place at SAI or other colleges at SAI’s expense, that is accepted by you in writing; or refund you the unused portion of the prepaid fees.
  • If SAI is unable to offer a refund or place you in an alternative course, you will be referred to the Tuition Protection Service (TPS) administrator. TPS Administrator will place you in a suitable alternative course or if a suitable alternative course cannot be offered, TPS Administrator will pay you a refund as calculated ESOS legislation. View further information about TPS


  • The application fee of $230 is non-refundable.
  • All application for refund due to student visa refusal must be accompanied by visa refusal advice from Australian High Commission.
  • SAI will not refund any money paid by an international student or intending international student in relation to a course if a student has been granted a bridging visa or temporary visa pending determination of permanent residency or has been granted permanent residency after the commencement of the course of studies or after tuition fees have been paid. The student must complete the current study period on a full-fee basis and may apply to recommence the course in the following study period as a local student.
  • Notification of Cancelation must be submitted in writing by using the SAI Refund Application Form. All applications for refund must be submitted to student services as soon as possible.
  • Refunds are made in accordance with the refund policy above and full refunds of amounts will be made payable to the student or nominated bank account within 14 days of receipt of the notification
  • Student will receive a Refund Calculation Statement explaining how the refund is calculated.
  • If students pay their fees via an education agent, the refund calculation form and the refund will be sent to his/her agent first, and the agent will pass the refund onto the student.
  • If student is transferring to another institution approved by SAI, SAI may choose to transfer the refund to the receiving institution. No refund will be paid to a third party unless it is indicated at the time the refund application is lodged. A statement on how the refund is calculated will be sent with the confirmation of payment.
  • Other fees paid in advance such as accommodation fees, airport meeting fee, OSHC, resource fee will be refunded in full if that service has not been used.
  • A notice of withdrawal due to illness or disability, death of a close family member, political or civil event that prevents acquittal may be accepted as grounds for either a total or partial refund of fees. Supporting documentary evidence must be provided at the time of application for refund and the amount of refund will be at the discretion of SAI management.
  • The above refund policy is subject to review as required.
  • Students may lodge an internal appeal against refund calculation by completing a Refund Application Form which is available for download via our website. Students must allow 5 working days to process all appeals. SAI will provide a written response to the appeals. If students are not satisfied they may use the Institutes external appeal process or include an outside party of their choice as their own expense.
  • SAI has the right to withhold any testamurs or Statement of Attainment until all outstanding fees have been paid.

All amounts referred to in the Refund Policy are in Australian Dollars

1 weeks prior to fees due date – SAI will send a fee due reminder to the student via internal email. 1st week after due date – SAI sends fees overdue warning letter with A$50 penalty fees. End of two weeks warning period – SAI issues Notification of Cancellation letter and the student’s enrolment will be cancelled.

Item Fees
*Withdrawal Application Fee (before the course end date on CoE) $230 per CoE
*Release letter administration fee $50
RPL / Credit Application administration fee(after course commencement) $200 per unit
RPL assessment fee $200 per unit
Unit Resit Fee (reschedule the unit at another time which is not on the original timetable) $190 per unit
Assessment late submission fee $25 per week per assessment
Assessment re-sit (setting of paper by assessor and re-assessment) This include assessment only fees, no participation $150 per unit
Reissue of Statement of Attainment or Certificate/qualification/award $50 per item
Reissue of student card or work experience ID card $15 per card
Re-marking of assessment $25 per unit
Credit Card Processing Fee 1.0%
Office Phone (emergency local only) $0.2 per call
Photocopy / printing (Black and White) $0.2 per page (either one side or duplex)
Printing (colour) $1 per page (one side only)
Registered post handling fee for certificate $100 $10 Overseas within Australia

Students must attend all classes, tests and assessments during the course and abide by the rules and regulations of SAI. SAI reserves the right to terminate a student’s enrolment at any stage if the student is non-compliant with college behaviour and code of conduct. Such information is available in SAI’s student handbook.

All students must observe the dress code of SAI. All business students must be dressed in acceptable office attire while attending class. All hospitality students must wear white shirt/blouse, black trousers, closed flat black shoes with SAI trainee name badge while conducting workplace training in aged care facilities.

Attempts to forge doctor certificates for attendance records will result in suspension from studies and may lead to cancellation of enrolment.

Any student found to be involved in activities, which contravene Australian law will be automatically dismissed from their studies

SAI has to provide your personal information to Commonwealth and State Agencies pursuant to obligations under National VET Regulator Act 2011.

By signing on the application form, the student agrees to give permission to SAI to release his/her personal information including matters concerning his/her welfare matters, academic progress and examination results to his/her parents, guardian.

Students have access to an internal complaint and appeal procedure of SAI if they feel they have been unjustly treated or have a serious complaint for all academic, disciplinary and personal matters. Please refer to SAI’s complaints and appeal procedure which is available in the student handbook. There is an external grievance process available to students if they have exhausted the internal procedure and still feel unsatisfied. A third independent party will be used to resolve the dispute.

Students may also seek legal redress through the usual court processes if they feel unsatisfied. This agreement and the availability of complaints and appeal processes do not remove the right of the student to take action under Australia’s consumer protection laws.

All students must supply the most current contact details including address , telephone numbers and email address to SAI during the enrolment. No responsibility will be taken by SAI for any information that students may not receive due to the change of address and telephone numbers.

SAI reserves the right to vary the course curriculum, unit of competency, timetable, teaching staff, place of delivery without prior notice to students.

All students must attend an orientation prior to the course commencement date. If student cannot attend orientation, they have to contact student service within the first week of course commencement.

Students or their agent must inform SAI if they are not able to commence their course as soon as possible before their course commencement date.

Applications for course credit based on Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or Credit Transfer (CT) or Mutual Recognition (MR) should be submitted at the time of application and at least 14 days before course commencement date and up to 2 weeks after course commencement. Exemptions will be granted based on skills and education that a student has already acquired from other appropriate courses in Australia or in other countries. Fees may apply for RPL applications.

A course credit application form with information pack is available for download from SAI website or from admissions office. All course credit applications must be accompanied with a non-refundable application fee of A$230.

Course credit or exemptions will only to be granted where it can be shown that the student has successfully completed other studies that are either

  • Of a similar duration
  • Studied at a similar or higher level
  • Of similar content

Any reduction in course fees as a result of course credit will be credited towards the last semester payment. A notice of the result will be sent to the student’s internal email box and by mail.

All students must meet the minimum numeracy and literacy requirements for entry into SAI. For those students whose first language is not English, they are required to provide proof of English language proficiency. LLN test can be conducted at SAI prior to enrolment. If it reveals that the English language skills are insufficient, the student will be required to enrol at their own expenses in an approved ESL course prior to the commencement of studies at SAI.

SAI’s complaints and appeal procedures are independent, easily and immediately accessible, inexpensive for the parties involved and are compliant with the National Code.

You can download a copy of the Standard here.

All students have the right to appeal decisions made by the Institute where reasonable grounds can be established. The areas in which a student may appeal a decision made by the Institute may include:

  • Assessments conducted
  • Reported breaches of academic performance or attendance requirements
  • Deferral, suspension, or cancellation decisions made in relation to the student’s enrolment
  • Or any other conclusion that is made after a complaint has been dealt with by the Institute in the first instance.

To activate the appeals process the student is to complete a complaint and appeal lodgment form which is to include a summary of the grounds the appeal is based upon. The reason the student feels the decision is unfair is to be clearly explained. The Student Services Department shall provide help and support with this process.

The Academic Director shall organise a meeting with all parties involved in the matter and attempt to seek resolution where appropriate.

The process for all formally lodged appeals will begin within 10 working days of the appeal being lodged.

Where an appeal has been lodged it will be classified as belonging to one of the following categories and the appropriate procedures followed:

  • General Appeals
  • Assessment Appeals
  • Appealing decisions to report breach of academic or attendance requirements
  • Appealing deferrals, suspension or cancellation of enrolment decisions

The compliant and appeals procedure does not diminish the right to take further action under Australia’s Consumer Protection Laws nor prevent the student from pursuing other legal remedies involving external dispute resolution organisations.

  • Where a student has appealed a decision or outcome of a formal complaint they are required to notify the Institute in writing within 20 working days of the grounds of their appeal. Any supporting documentation should also be attached to the appeal.
  • The appeal shall be lodged through student services and Student Services Manager shall ensure the details of the appeal are added to the ‘complaints and appeals register’.
  • The academic director shall be notified and shall seek details regarding the initial documentation of the complaint and shall make a decision based on the grounds of the appeal.
  • The student shall be notified in writing of the outcome and the ‘complaints and appeals register’ updated.

Where a student wishes to appeal an assessment they are required to notify their assessor in the first instance. Where appropriate the assessor may decide to re-assess the student to ensure a fair and equitable decision is gained. The assessor shall complete a written report regarding the re-assessment outlining the reasons why assessment was or was not granted.

If the decision is not to the student’s satisfaction the student may formally lodge an appeal by submitting a written letter outlining their reasons for the appeal. The Academic Director will be notified and will seek details regarding the initial documentation of the breach and make a decision based on the grounds of the appeal.

The Academic Director will be notified and will seek details from the assessor involved and any other relevant parties. A decision will be made regarding the appeal either confirming the assessment decision or outlining details of a possible re-assessment by a third party. The third party shall be another assessor appointed by the Institute.

The student shall be notified in writing of the outcome and the Complaints Log Book/Register updated.

Where a student wishes to appeal the decision of the Institute to notify the Department of Immigration and Border Protection of a breach of academic or attendance requirements the student shall lodge, in writing, a letter outlining the details of their appeal. The student should outline any existing extenuating circumstances explaining the reason of breach of the requirements and must be able to provide evidence of these circumstances.

The appeal shall be lodged with the Student Services Department and the appeal shall be entered into the Complaints Log Book/Register.

The Chief Executive Officer will be notified and will seek details regarding the initial documentation of the breach and make a decision based on the grounds of the appeal.

The student shall be notified in writing of the outcome and the Complaints Log Book/Register updated.

Where a student has decided to access the appeals process in relation to a reportable breach, the Institute will not report the breach until the appeals process has been undertaken. The Institute is required to maintain all relevant responsibilities until the breach has been reported to DOHA via the Provider Registration and International Students Management System (PRISMS’).

Where a student wishes to appeal a decision relating to deferment, suspension, or cancellation of their enrolment they are required to lodge, in writing, a letter outlining the details of their appeal. The student should outline any existing extenuating circumstances explaining why they believe the decision should be reviewed and must be able to provide evidence of these circumstances.

The appeal shall be lodged with the Student Services Department and the appeal shall be entered into the Complaints Log Book/Register.

The Chief Executive Officer will be notified and will seek details regarding the initial documentation of the breach and make a decision based on the grounds of the appeal.

The student shall be notified in writing of the outcome and the Complaints Log Book/Register updated.

Where a student has decided to access the appeals process in relation to a reportable breach, the Institute will not report the breach until the appeals process has been undertaken. The Institute is required to maintain all relevant responsibilities until the breach has been reported to DOHA via PRISMS.

Either party may consult the independent conciliator at any stage during a dispute as part of the Institute’s internal complaints and appeals process. The conciliator will not become actively involved in the matter until the parties have made an initial attempt to resolve the dispute themselves. The International Student Conciliator is appointed by the Department of Education Services to recommend appropriate action in disputes referred for conciliation.

Contact details:

International Education Conciliation Service

Department of Education Services

If the matter is still unresolved after the above procedures have been implemented and the internal appeals process exhausted, the student may seek assistance from the Overseas Students Ombudsman. The Ombudsman’s services are free, independent and impartial. For more information, please refer to their website or call 1300 362 072.

The decision of Overseas Students Ombudsman is final and any further action the student wishes to take is outside the Institute’s policies and procedures. The student shall be referred to the appropriate government agency, ie. The Department of Education and Training (‘DET’) and Department of Home Affairs DOHA or the following agencies for further action:

Ombudsman Western Australia

Equal Opportunity Commission WA

Administration Appeals Tribunal

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