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Top 3 Government Funded Courses Available to Study In Australia

Top 3 Government Funded Courses Available to Study In Australia

When you study at the Skills Australian Institute, you will have access to a variety of government funded courses as well as financing options. After enrolling here you will be guided by the government of South Australia. Skilling SA is the name of South Australia’s vocational education and training funding program (VET). It permits qualified students of all ages in South Africa to enrol in a subsidized foundation skills course up to an Advanced Diploma in a variety of sectors.

Here are the top 3 government funded training courses, but you need to know what exactly government-funded is.

What Is Government Funding?

Students benefit from government money since their tuition prices are subsidized. State-by-state differences exist, and students must satisfy certain criteria in order to participate. Because a country with a skilled workforce has several advantages, both state and federal governments work hard to ensure that training is available to all citizens. They achieve this by assisting students by giving course finance.

The vocational courses that are subsidized are often those that are in great demand. Because governments subsidized courses to solve skill shortages or, in certain circumstances, to prepare for an increase in job prospects in that profession, this is the case.

Top 3 Government Funded Courses To Study in Australia

1. Childcare course:

The knowledge and skills needed to organize activities in a learn-through play setting are the emphases of the Early Childhood Education and Care credentials. You can start your career by obtaining a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and then progressing to a diploma. These credentials will enable you to operate in a variety of early childhood education settings while adhering to the National Quality Standard and Education and Care Services National Regulations.

Enrol requirement:

Students must pass a Language, Literacy, and Numeracy (LNN) assessment as well as appropriateness interviews in order to be admitted. Applicants interested in enrolling in a Blended Mode program must provide proof of current work in an authorized Early Childhood Education & Care environment. Valid and up-to-date This program requires a First Aid certificate, a Department of Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI) Screening Check for working with children, and physical fitness.

• Course fees:

For certification 3 in childcare, Standard Fee is waived: $1,000. Concession charge for Job Trainer: $294

For diploma in childcare, Standard Fee is waived: $1,000. Concession cost for Job Trainer: $334.50

2. Carpentry:

Learners will use a range of tools, equipment, and materials to create frames while establishing and dismantling formwork for footings and slabs on the ground for walls and ceilings, pitched and advanced roofs and eaves, and erect and dismantle formwork for pitched and advanced roofs and eaves. The construction industry firmly believes that training and assessment leading to skill recognition must take place in a genuine or very closely imitated employment setting, and this qualification requires all units of competency to be given in this context.

• Enrol requirement:

To ensure their admission, students must pass a Language, Literacy, and Numeracy (LNN) assessment and suitability interviews; finish Year 10, (High School Certificate (HSC) or equivalent) or a Certificate II or equivalent; or be of adult age (20 years of age and above).

• Course fees:

For certification iii in carpentry, Standard Fee is waived: $1,000. Concession charge for Job Trainer: $271.25

3. Automotive course:

This Automotive Program will provide you with the expertise to check, diagnose, and repair main components and systems on all electrical and conventional automotive light cars. To diagnose automobile faults, identify cause-effect links when malfunctions occur, and fix activities that demand mechanical and electrical abilities, you will be expected to employ critical thinking and be vigilant on a daily basis.

• Enrol requirement:

To be accepted, students must pass a Language, Literacy, and Numeracy (LNN) assessment as well as suitability interviews.

• Course fees:

For Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology, Standard Fee is waived: $1,000. Concession charge for Job Trainer: $260.

Few criteria for subsided training:

• A citizen of Australia or New Zealand

• A permanent resident of Australia or a bearer of an appropriate visa

What are the concession criteria?

• Regardless of past educational attainment, all persons seeking admission to a subsidised training space must go through the UAN procedure. This is a requirement for receiving publicly sponsored training. There are no exceptions; however, the UAN protocol can be altered; for additional information, please contact us. Individuals who do not want to fully participate in all components of the UAN process can instead opt for fee-for-service training. The UAN (Upfront Assessment of Need) method is not presently utilized for school-aged students seeking a subsidized training spot.

• Learner Support Services (LSS) provides case management assistance to participants to help them deal with life, learning, and other challenges, as well as finish their training and move to work.

SAI will send all participants, including apprentices and trainees, to an LSS provider. The Department completely funds Learner Support Services, which are provided to students at no cost. Students who are having difficulty finishing their training might take use of the LSS services.


It is critical to select the top Adelaide colleges for your studies. Getting the location exactly right might make a major difference in your test performance, the memories you make, and the career route you pick. It’s also crucial to venture outside the premises. Examine if the city fits your personality, how much rent you can afford, and the potential fees. Finally, the most important consideration is the cost of the course. This is a simple calculation of the rate of profitability, which is also a need.

But we SAI provides government funded courses, which can help many students. Hope the above-mentioned information might help you. If you want to know more then contact us at +61 8 8120 4186 for more information.

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