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What Are the Various Career Opportunities in Australia After Completing Advanced Diploma of Telecommunication

Telecommunication is all about connecting people with each other. This industry in Australia has a long history. In 1859 Australia built its first telegraph cables network, a century later to this invention the radio and telephone was invented. It is one of the vast and ever-changing field of engineering. Telecommunication engineering jobs encapsulates from designing the telecommunication equipment’s to the implementation of IP networks using the IP protocols. It includes both wired and wireless networks and equipment’s.

A telecommunication engineer is considered as a technical specialist with high level of knowledge and skills in the field. Being an aspiring telecommunication engineer you can expect to deal with the latest trend of technologies in both fixed phone or internet to wireless phone or internet. There are various telecommunications courses available like diploma, bachelor, or post- graduate degree courses.

Telecommunication, the field of opportunities!

Telecommunication industry is one of the fastest growing and ever-changing industry, which results in evergreen demand of telecommunication engineer equipped with the latest trends and techniques. Growth of the industry is directly proportional to the career opportunities in the telecommunication.

Telecommunication jobs are majorly divided into 4 broad categories:
• Jobs related to installation and maintenance of the telecommunication devices.
• Jobs in administrative support.
• Industry professional jobs.
• Telecommunication sales jobs.

Telecommunication engineers are employed in all sizes of the company. There is a range of potential telecom jobs in Australia.

• Customer premises equipment supplier.
• Installation or maintenance service provider.
• IP based convergence integrator.
• IP based optical network designer.
• Network and exchange equipment supplier.
• Network engineering technical officer.
• Network security manager.
• Optical network designer.
• Telecommunications network planner.
• Telecommunications network manager.
• Telecommunication technical officer or technologist.

Apart from telecommunication engineering jobs, there is a range of telecommunication training jobs. Depending upon your choice, interest, and skills whatever career you choose in this industry, you will be benefited automatically. With the scope and growth of industry, the career opportunities are getting advanced day-by-day.

Scope of Telecommunications in Australia

The telecommunication industry have advanced a lot in Australia in the last century and with the advancement of the industry, the telecommunications courses and jobs are getting increased daily based on the advanced techniques. The scope is wide, if you are updated with the knowledge and the skills required. In which SAI’s advanced diploma of telecommunications course can help you in learning or improvising the skills and can also help you in learning the most advanced technologies.

Australian telecommunication industry has a prolonged history. A lot of advancements have taken place since 1859, after the invention of the first telegraph cable network in Australia. Telecommunication courses offered at Skills Australian Institute will help you in understanding and exercising new or the latest technologies. Once you have an expertise in the field you choose, you would be open to the pool of opportunities.

Benefits of Studying Telecommunications Network Engineering at SAI

Skills Australian Institute is one of the dignitary institutes in telecommunication industry. We offer leading edge training courses and programs from our industry-based experts. Our team of professional and skilled trainers have hands-on expertise and knowledge about the latest technologies. We offer different programs according to your skills and interest, you can choose the best suitable one.

SAI’s competent and proficient team of trainers are trade experts which makes understanding easy by taking the practical sessions during the course. It helps students in acquiring the best of practical skills and tactics while exercising them at workplace.

Pursuing telecommunication courses from Skills Australia Institute will give you world-class experience. Students from all the corners of the world, enriches to the culture of the institute. The trainers at SAI are easily accessible, skilled, professional, and helpful.

We are accredited as one of the finest training institutes. SAI has the professional experts of the industry, which helps in introducing the updated technologies and skills of industry during the course.

Looks like a match for you?

Skills Australia Institute always welcome and hosts the students from all around the globe. We have the variable list of courses for you, based on your skill set and interest. If you are aspiring your career in telecommunications, then advanced diploma in telecommunications network engineering is the course for you.

Interested in managing & designing IP based network telecommunications equipment, or your skill set is for network planning? It is the right choice for you. Choose SAI to pursue the advanced diploma of telecommunications network course of your choice and give a hike to your career opportunities in telecommunications.


Skills Australia Institute, being one of the leading institutions of Australia offers you a chance to kick-start your career in one of the booming industries of the time. If you are already working and want to improvise your skills or want to get hands-on over the trending technologies, here we are!

We offer different telecommunication courses, choose the best one according to your skill set and interest. Practical sessions, updated technology trends, & helpful professional trainers are all the check-points where we benchmark. We have decked the number one position in providing the best career opportunities in telecommunications.

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