Certificate III in Carpentry Perth

The course of Certificate III in Carpentry equips you with carpentry skills with a trade outcome for you. It covers work in both residential and commercial applications alike. While learning this course, you will gain the most common skills in relation to the construction industry of Australia. The qualification obtained from this course helps you reap the maximum benefits of your training, comprising career-oriented skills and knowledge. 

To get the best learning experience, enrol in this course with us at Skills Australia Institute. Completion of this course will ensure a rewarding carpentry career for you. 

Important aspects to study

Our certificate III in carpentry course is divided into an array of informative course units or modules. These chiefly include the following: 

  • Construction of ceiling frames.
  • Construction of wall frames.
  • Working safely at heights.
  • Installation of flooring systems.
  • Application of OHS processes, systems and requirements related to the construction sector of Australia.
  • Erecting and dismantling of the various forms of scaffolding restricted to specific heights.
  • Carry out sessions of excavation.
  • Making the best use of the several explosive power components etc.

At Skills Australia Institute, you will get the best learning experience after you enrol in our certificate-III course.

Employment Opportunities

Effective accomplishment of the Certificate III in Carpentry Course in Perth will prepare you for specific prospective job roles. So once you complete this course successfully, you can preside over any of the following job outcomes. 

  • Carpenter and joiner: The job of a carpenter and joiner is to install, erect, construct, repair and remodel various structures effectively.
  • Carpenter: The daily tasks of a carpenter include erecting, repairing, installing and building foundations, wooden frames and walls etc. These activities can pertain to the Industrial, commercial and residential sectors of Australia.

So, apply for the certificate III in carpentry right away!

Technical topics that you will learn

The Certificate III in carpentry builds your technical notion about carpentry in the best possible way. Our team of experienced faculties will familiarize you with the following technical aspects while you are learning the Certificate III course. 

  • The artistry of the carpentry sector of Australia
  • Working at a carpentry setting while adhering to the various safety compliances
  • Learn about handyman skills and work
  • Assembling of the timber by understanding its nature
  • Preparation of the various carpentry layouts and
  • Ancient furniture restoration etc.

We help you become a successful carpenter in Australia through excellent training. 

Why choose Skills Australia Institute?

Currently, we are regarded as one of the best colleges in Perth for offering the certificate III in carpentry course. Following are some compelling reasons for which learners are increasingly enrolling in our Certificate III course. 

  • Nationally approved carpentry courses: Our certificate III in carpentry course is completely nationally recognized all across Australia. Studying this course will equip you with knowledge and skills related to the carpentry techniques, competency and artistry in Australia.
  • Comprehensive training: We at SAI offer a comprehensive training program related to the certificate III in carpentry course. It means that our trainers will make you competent and adept about all the crucial carpentry aspects of Australia.
  • Industry-learned trainers: All of our trainers are proficient and potential at teaching our carpentry courses in Perth. Their extensive experience in the carpentry industry of Australia has allowed them to provide our learners with the best skills and knowledge.
  • Effective guidance: We want our students to achieve their professional objectives in an effective manner. To make this possible, our trainers guide and clarify doubts and queries of our students on a 24X7 basis.

So, to attain a rewarding carpentry career apply for our certificate III in carpentry course today!

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