Offering a friendly and engaging study experience to its students, Skills Australia Institute prides itself of the wonderful classes held in its hallowed halls. Students will be able to learn much faster and better within its quaint classroom setting. Application of the latest teaching methods are implemented in order for students to better understand the theoretical and practical works that are relevant for their chosen field of study. Instructors utilise state of the art multimedia technologies that further enhances a student’s comprehension of the topics being discussed.

Campus Facilities


All Classrooms are fully furnished, air-conditioned, and are equipped with whiteboards, overhead data projectors, and stable Internet connection.

Wireless Campus

High-speed wireless Internet connection are available throughout the campus.

Recourse Centre / Online Library

SAI has a wide range of both physical and digital reference books open for relevant student use.

Printing and Photocopying Services

Printing and photocopying facilities are readily available for students on a pay per use basis. Only course relevant materials are allowed to be printed or photocopied.

Student Common / Lunch Room

SA's lunchroom is ergonomically designed for the comfort of the student.