Marketing And Communication Courses Adelaide

Marketing is a process to communicate the value of your products and services to your target audience. A course in marketing covers aspects like advertising, publicity, sales promotion and public relations. We, at, Skills Australia Institute (SAI), Adelaide, offer the best Marketing and Communication courses that let you explore and become a skilled marketer on completion.

Moreover, if you are already a marketer, we can still help you to improve your skills through the three different courses provided at our institute.

  • BSB42415 – Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication
  • BSB52415 – Diploma of Marketing and Communication
  • BSB61315 – Advanced Diploma in Marketing and Communication

Points to Note:

  • The courses are also accessible offline (classroom-based learning), for both local and international students
  • All three courses are covered in 52 weeks
  • Tests/assessments are conducted in the form of written/oral tests, projects, practical demonstrations, group activities and classroom assignments

What will I learn?

The courses provided by us are tailor-made as per students’ requirements. With diverse courses, students can opt for the most sought-after option for themselves to improve their skills. As marketing is a diverse field, our courses provide you with the opportunity to choose the most relevant option for yourself and enrol accordingly. Our courses at SAI, Adelaide, will help you learn some of the most essential skills for a lifetime.

  • Preparing effective presentations
  • Application of online ideas
  • Flawless expression and communication of ideas

Diploma courses are focused on teaching:

  • Performing projects
  • Understanding marketing trends
  • Preparing marketing communication plans

Advanced diploma courses take it one level higher to teach:

  • Creation of advertising campaigns
  • Preparation of marketing plans
  • Creation and execution of strategic ideas

All the above-mentioned courses have a different purpose and are relevant for different job opportunities in marketing. However, the job role will be similar in fields like:

  • Marketing Coordinator (Junior or Senior positions)
  • Sales Manager
  • Market Research Manager (Junior and Senior positions)
  • Public Relations Manager (Junior and Senior positions)
  • Client Service Executive
  • Account Manager (Assistant to Director level) in Advertising

Our certificate courses in marketing and communication are officially recognised by the Australian Quality Framework (AQF), which authenticates them as a genuine learning experience for those looking for a job in Australia. Hence, they are a good option for international students who wish to study and eventually settle in Australia.

To both better understand your needs and assist you in making the most appropriate choice, as also to resolve any doubts and misconceptions that you may have concerning marketing communication courses, we have created a check-list for you. Please tick the boxes if you have the respective qualities in you:

  • I enjoy creating networks
  • I have flair for writing or wish to develop in writing
  • I like being surrounded by data (analytics)
  • I can view things from multiple perspectives
  • I don’t shy away from taking risks or I want to become a risk-taker
  • I can look beyond the glamour to have a different approach towards the industry
  • I am willing to educate myself further formally

If you can agree and tick off more than 5 boxes, believe us, you are ready.

Globalisation in the Industry has opened up several doors of opportunity for students to make a rewarding career in marketing. So, enrol in our Marketing and Communication Courses and learn all the necessary skills for building a robust career.

Marketing And Communication Courses

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