Marketing and Communication Courses Perth

Marketing jobs may be some of the most sought roles these days, but it is not everyone’s cup of tea. We, at SAI, Perth, provide best marketing and communication courses to change that for you, and if you are already skilled at what you do, we hone your skills further with the three different courses offered at our institute.

  • BSB42415 – Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication
  • BSB52415 – Diploma of Marketing and Communication
  • BSB61315 – Advanced Diploma of Marketing and Communication

Points to Note:

  • The courses are available offline (classroom-based learning), for both local and international students.
  • All three courses are delivered over 52 weeks.
  • Tests/Assessments will be in the form of written/oral tests, projects, practical demonstrations, group activities and classroom assignments.

What Will I Learn?

Our marketing training courses are designed to teach best practices to help you climb up the staircase of your goals. Marketing is one of the most in-demand skills, and the demand will never burn out. Here are some of the skills that you will learn while studying marketing with us, here at SAI, Australia.

  • Making presentations
  • Applying digital solutions
  • Articulating and presenting ideas

The Diploma course is determined to teach:

  • Undertaking project work
  • Determining market trends
  • Developing marketing communication plan

The Advanced Diploma course takes it a notch up and teaches:

  • Developing advertising campaigns
  • Developing marketing plan
  • Developing and implementing strategic plans

Marketing and Communication Courses Job Outcomes

All the three courses have different objectives, and hence, different job outcomes in terms of levels of positions. However, the job roles would always be in similar fields like:

  • Sales Manager
  • Marketing Coordinator (Jr. or Sr.)
  • Account Manager (Assistant level to Director level) in Advertising
  • Market Research Manager (Junior and Senior positions)
  • Public Relations Manager (Junior and Senior positions)
  • Client Service Executive

Our marketing and communication certificate programs are accredited by the Australian Quality Framework (AQF) that validates them when one is seeking job in Australia. Hence, studying abroad with us can turn highly beneficial for international students who want to live in Australia.

Is Marketing and Communication Course Right For Me?

To better help you choose your career path, and to solve the natural dilemma you are in, we have curated a check-list for you. Please tick the boxes if you have the respective qualities in you.

  • I enjoy establishing networks
  • I can/want to write effectively.
  • I like playing around with data. (Analytics)
  • I can view things from other’s perspectives.
  • I am a risk taker, or I want to become one.
  • I am indifferent to the glamour that covers the façade of the industry.
  • I am ready to educate myself further, formally.

If you could tick-off more than 5 boxes, trust us, you are ready.

Enroll yourself with us for your choice of Marketing and Communication Courses in the beautiful country, Australia, with us, at SAI, and become one of the best degree holders.

Marketing And Communication Courses

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