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What Are The Career Opportunities You Can Expect After Completion Of Certificate III in Carpentry?

The demand for professional carpenters and joiners have recently increased in Australia. As per the statistics, in the next five years, the number of vacancies will be around 69000. Studying carpentry will open a lot of career opportunities for you. In addition, in recent years, the number of international students has also increased in these courses.

Certificate III in Carpentry is the most popular course among the students. Here we discuss an overall description of the course and what job opportunities you can get after passing out.

What is Certificate 3 in carpentry?

This Certificate 3 course is most commonly popular by its code name, CPC30220. If you want to make major developments in your career in the construction sector, you can try out this course. The course is a trade qualification that will teach you all the essential technical skills and knowledge you will need to work on a construction site.

The skills taught here include taking measurements, calculations, working safely while at heights, studying a construction plan, excavations, making moulds etc. You can also gather experience of a professional work site. Once you complete this course, you can become an expert tradesperson. Construction workers like builders, project managers, forepersons, construction supervisors, and sub-foremen can learn from this course.

In addition, you will also learn how to use all the carpentry and construction tools and equipment by maintaining all the safety protocols.

About the course

You can choose any top vocational training institute to pursue this course after you know the basics of the course and its curriculum. Here we discuss a few basics:

  • Overview of the course

This course will teach you a variety of professional skills you will need to work as a skilled carpenter in construction. Though there is a shortage of jobs in other industries, demand for carpenters is on an increasing trend.

While working in the residential sector, you may have to build formwork, domestic framework, scaffolding, and footings. The course will teach you designing, mounting, finishing and repairing different commercial, residential, and industrial frameworks.

You will always want to give your best in renovation and construction in your professional career. So this course will be the ideal gateway for you. Different study areas include interpreting construction plans, taking important measurements and making calculations, applying various devices and other construction tools, etc.

  • Course Duration

Typically, the entire course duration is 104 weeks, including 4 Semesters. You will also need to complete the assessment activities. It is designed to see what the students have learned and how well they can demonstrate their skills. In the assessments, you have to perform several practical tasks set by the recognised standards.

What are the career opportunities after study?

After completing your Certificate III in Carpentry Course offered in Perth college, you can enter various fields as a professional carpenter. Here we discuss the three main areas where you can find a job.

  • Commercial carpentry

In the commercial carpentry industry, you can work on commercial constructions like hotel buildings, office towers, restaurants, colleges or schools, shopping malls, etc. To work as a commercial carpenter, you should have adequate knowledge about using variety of materials like wood, plastic, plaster, and steel. You may also have to work on the installation of windows, ceilings, and panelling.

  • Industrial carpentry

Industrial construction projects include mining infrastructure, power plants, factories, refineries, etc. Various resources industries like energy, resource extraction, and manufacturing generally recruit industrial carpenters. As a professional industrial carpenter, you will be required to deal with various tasks like building scaffolding, partitions, concrete pouring forms, and bracing. Industrial carpenters can also get the chance to work on multiple road projects like building tunnels or bridges alongside civil engineers.

  • Residential carpentry

As the name suggests, you will work on housing projects like detached homes, townhouses, private residences, etc. You can understand that here the projects will be much smaller. You will typically work on making frames for the exterior and interior walls, constructing roofs, decks, and building stairs. In addition, you may also need to work on putting up drywall or concrete foundations. And, last but not least, sometimes, you may have to give finishing touches on floors, cabinets, or crown moulding.

Final words

So, which college in Australia do you think will be the best for you? Well, as a professional guidance, you can get in touch with the best education consultants who will guide you to take admissions at the leading college.

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