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A Career in Commercial Cookery in Australia 2021

If you are genuinely passionate about experimenting with food, commercial cookery in Australia is the best option you can choose. You can look for the various chef cooking courses offered in Australian colleges. Not only are these courses highly productive, but they also open numerous career opportunities for passed out students. Commercial cooks are professional chefs who use their broad range of technical skills and in-depth knowledge to make delicious food and menu items.

What are the courses available in commercial cookery?

Various courses are available in the field of chef cooking. In which, two most popular college courses are:-

1. Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery

In contrast, Certificate IV is an advanced level course where you can learn employee management, inventory management and budget planning. The authority may send you to take some additional training. Certificate IV in commercial cookery is a great course for those having a passion for management studies and associated skills. It will teach you the art of managing staff, inventories, as well as fulfil your passion for doing something in the food industry.

2. Diploma of Hospitality Management (Commercial Cookery Pathway)

If you have completed the Certificate Courses in Commercial Cookery, you can go for the Diploma. It will teach you the skills required to start an eatery or restaurant business. The best part of the course is that it will also prepare you for the professional world and you can build a great career in the hospitality industry.

What are the benefits of studying a commercial cookery course?

Attending one of the courses for chefs in any Australian college will serve you a lot of benefits. First of all, you can sharpen up your cooking skills. In an academic structure, you will learn basic theoretical knowledge and also get practical experience. Most importantly, the cooking industry is one of the most growing job industries in Australia. In this fast running world, people find it tough to prepare food for themselves. So, demand for cooked and prepared food is high. Opening cafe chains are also trending now, mainly among the youth. So, as time passes, the market will only rise. Lastly, you can open your restaurant someday.

What is the current working environment in the Australian commercial cookery sector?

In general, a pretty relaxed and laid-back mood prevails in the Australian workplace environment. While working as a commercial cook here, you will find a pretty casual job environment filled with simple colleagues who call each other and even their bosses by their first names.

Irrespective of the position you are employed in, you will always get adequate space to express yourself. As there is almost no hierarchy in the workplace, there will be hardly any domination by the managers. Australians are generally very friendly and want to socialise in the workplace. But at the same time, they do not show any interest in a person’s private space.

Every workplace needs to comply with the Work Health and Safety regulations to ensure that a safe and healthy atmosphere is maintained. The government frequently updates the labour industry. That is why an Australian boss cannot easily fire an employee. In addition, you will enjoy decent pay, a sufficient number of leaves in a year, and other benefits.

What are the current job opportunities in 2021?

All commercial cookery courses are available for international students, and upon completion, doors will open for you in various occupations like baker, different chef categories, patissier, kitchen hand, etc. When your course ends, you will receive a certificate from your institute, for which you will never run out of opportunities.

Studying in Australia is beneficial because you will go through a structured vocational system, which will help you improve your business and culinary skills. And once you include all these points in your resume, you will automatically become one of the top choices for recruiters. You will become highly successful in the industry irrespective of the cooking method you choose.

And lastly, a successful career in the Commercial Cookery sector will help you apply and get a permanent residency visa.

Who can help you?

Numerous colleges all over Australia offer courses in chef cooking. If you want to know about the best colleges in Australia, then you may contact top education consultants who will guide you on the process of getting admission to the right college.

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