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Traveling to the world’s megacities to fulfill academic goals has always been a cool trend. Australia especially the Adelaide city is on the list of hundreds of students across the globe, which has contributed to its diverse and interesting culture. International students love the liveliness of Adelaide and its’ home-like environment.

You will be surprised to know that 20% of the Adelaide residents are not Australian born. The city gives a warm welcome to students coming from diverse communities from more than 150 countries. Are you confused about pursuing higher studies in Adelaide? Here are the reasons why you should come to study in Adelaide, Australia-

1. A 20-minute city

Studying in any Adelaide colleges will keep you close to the few other capital cities. You can encapsulate many affordable living areas, fun destinations, shopping centers and beautiful beaches like Glenelg Beach within a 15km radius. Adelaide being the major metropolitan city will keep you always in action.

The hustle and bustle of the beautiful city will give you plenty of scopes to be creative, party hard besides fulfilling your academic dreams. Adelaide has got plenty of festivals to celebrate whether it is music, cars, or quirky cabaret events. Relax and have fun to the fullest!

2. You can study anything

Are you interested in Business management courses? Are you looking for hospitality courses, marketing or journalism or childcare courses? You will get a range of subjects to study in best colleges in Adelaide.

Whether you choose an internship program or a diploma in business, bachelor or a master’s in marketing and communication courses, Adelaide colleges have it all. They also offer free study counseling and helps you with scholarships, financing applications, and other practicalities.

3. Academic excellence

Few residents from the University of Adelaide have won the Nobel Prize including researcher J Robin Warren, physicist Sir William Lawrence Bragg and author J.M. Coetzee. Pharmacologist Sir Walter Howard Florey and author J.M. Coetzee are also the Nobel Prize Winners. It proves that the very mission of Adelaide’s popular universities is to cultivate brilliant minds.  Academic excellence is the only way to a successful life. You never know, you may be the next Nobel prize winner!

4. Easy to start a business

A lot of students after completing their business management courses from prestigious institutions of Adelaide tend to start up a small business here. Adelaide is a highly affordable place to start a small bar or a restaurant or a mobile app company.

The city with its smaller market offers a great footing for startup companies. All you need is a solid business plan! Start with a small pond to get a big fish. Start your career with small industries and work hard your way to the top. 

5. Too many opportunities

Adelaide is a great place to kick-start your career. The student population being small in this city, businesses are very receptive to internships, placements, and mentoring. There many research centers across the world accepting  Adelaide graduates a great getaway for P. Hd aspirants.

Besides academic opportunities, Adelaide also quenches your thirst for adventure. The city brilliantly integrates nature and city. Besides naturesque places, there are many wildlife reserves to explore and enjoy like a true Aussie. International students also have the benefit of earning discounts on public transport as well as free tram and bus services. Incredible, isn’t it? 

Hopefully, you are convinced about why should study in Adelaide, Australia. You will be able to engage in the diverse, interesting culture and make new friends and unforgettable memories in Adelaide. A small tip for you is to live in the central part of the city if you want to save money. It is 20% more affordable than in Sydney and Melbourne.

Just choose the best college in Adelaide and study in this open, safe and international community. In the next few years, you will be ready to go whichever part of the world you want. Good luck!!!

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