All fees paid in advance including registration, tuition and resources feed are non-refundable should the student withdraw or cancel. Should Skills Australia Institute cancel the course, the fees will be refunded. Please refer to our Refund Policy below.

If the student chooses to cancel their enrolment prior to completing their course, they will be liable to pay for the full tuition fees and any costs incurred by Skills Australia Institute to recover any outstanding monies, including debt collection agency fees and legal costs, if applicable

Tuition fees do not cover other fees such as registration, resource/material, textbooks, uniform and stationery. Please refer to Skills Australia Institute Fee Schedule for details. If the student is deemed Not Yet Competent (NYC) or misses the scheduled class listed on their timetable, the student is required to discuss with the course coordinator to re-sit the whole unit. Please refer to Miscellaneous Fees and Charges to re-sit the unit.

Payment of fees are required on or by the due date, as notified in writing by Skills Australia Institute or as per student invoice. Domestic students are allowed to pay the fees in monthly instalments. The enrolment fee of $230 is non-refundable and must be paid prior to commencing the course.

Penalty fees will be applied to all late payment. Please refer to Miscellaneous Fees Schedule.

All course fees are non-transferrable except in cases of documented ill health and may only be transferred to other courses within Skills Australia Institute or at the discretion of Skills Australia Institute’s management.

Skills Australia Institute reserves the right to accept or reject any application for enrolment at its discretion.

Skills Australia Institute reserves the right to cancel any course prior to the commencement of the course should it deem necessary and a full refund of all payments will be given to the student.

Skills Australia Institute reserves the right to withhold the student’s Certificate or Statement of Attainment, should any fees remain outstanding.

Students are required to pay the fees according to student invoice fee due dates including public holidays, terms breaks or workplace training.

If you wish to accept the offer, you will need to sign the Acceptance Offer Form, together with the minimum payment of fees. You can use the following payment methods:

  • Cash or EFTPOS in person at Skills Australia Institute’s Perth campus
  • Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard) via PayPal on the student Invoice
  • We accept credit card payment (Visa or MasterCard only) and a 2% surcharge will be added to the total amount. You can download our Credit Card Authorisation form HERE No Hyperlink
  • Bank draft or money order payable to “Skills Australia Institute” and send to Skills Australia Institute’s Perth campus (all bank drafts must be in Australian dollars (AUD) to an Australian bank)
  • Electronic Bank Transfer (Telegraphic Transfer) from an overseas bank account.

Name of Bank: Commonwealth Bank
Branch Address: 413 Albany Highway
Victoria Park WA 6100
Account Name: Excellent Accounts Pty Ltd ( Skills Australia Institute )
BSB: 066128
Account Number: 10626125
SWIFT Code for International Transfer: CTBAAU2S (For International Transfer Only)

Note: All fees must be paid in Australian dollars (AUD). Please put your full name or invoice number as reference. An official receipt will be sent to you once your payment is verified. To confirm your payment, please email a copy of the bank transfer receipt to info@skillsaustralia.edu.au.

Skills Australia Institute notifies the students via email, that their fees are due, one (1) week prior to the due date.

For any fees that are one (1) week overdue, Skills Australia Institute will send an overdue warning letter with a $50 penalty fee.

If a student has not paid their fees by the end of the two (2) week warning period, Skills Australia Institute will issue a Notification of Cancellation Letter and the student’s enrolment will be cancelled.

Please note that if a student’s enrolment is cancelled, this will impact their visa.

Withdrawal Administration Fee (before the course end date on CoE)
per CoE
Release letter administration fee
RPL / Credit Application administration fee(after course commencement)
per unit
RPL assessment fee
per unit
Unit Resit Fee (reschedule the unit at another time which is not on the original timetable)
per unit
Assessment late submission fee
per week per assessment
Assessment re-sit (setting of paper by assessor and re-assessment) This include assessment only fees, no participation
per unit
Reissue of Statement of Attainment or Certificate
per item
Reissue of student card or work experience ID card
per card
Re-marking of assessment
per unit
Late tuition fee payment penalty Fee
per week from Invoice Due Date
Course variation Fee, change of course after commencement, CoE extension and re-issue of new CoE
per change
*Holiday Request / Timetable reschedule
per transaction
Course variation/Timetable reschedule fee
per transaction
Credit Card Processing Fee
of total amount
Lamination A4
per page
Office Phone (emergency local only)
per call
Photocopy / printing (Black and White)
per page (either one side or duplex)
Printing (colour)
per page (one side only)
Registered post handling fee for certificate
Overseas within Australia
within Australia

Skills Australia Institute endeavours to deliver every course as published and scheduled and reserves the right to alter the course curriculum, without prior notification to the students.

This may involve but is not limited to changes in units, course timetable, trainers and location of training.

It is a compulsory requirements for all student to attend the Orientation Program prior to their commencement date of their course with Skills Australia Institute.

If a student is unable to attend the Orientation Program, they are required to contact Student Services within the first week of course commencement.

Student Code of Conduct

While at Skills Australia Institute, all students, staff, contractors and visitors are expected to behave in a considerate and courteous manner when dealing with other staff, students and members of the public.

Skills Australia Institute aims to provide a high quality education and training service in which all students are encouraged to strive for excellence and fulfil their potential. Unacceptable behaviour can hinder the academic progress or work performance of others.

The purpose of the Student Code of Conduct is to clearly define the students and staff rights and responsibilities that relate to appropriate behaviour. The intent is to foster a learning environment in which all students and staff can participate safely and effectively.

Students and the staff at have a right to work and study in an environment free from harassment, discrimination or threatening behaviour.

This right is accompanied by everyone’s responsibility to respect the rights of others and respect differences and diversity
Unacceptable Behaviour

Disciplinary action may be taken against students for breaches in Skills Australia Institutes’ rules and directions relating to acceptable and unacceptable behaviour.

Unacceptable behaviour includes but is not limited to:

  • Disobeying any reasonable direction by Skills Australia Institute staff members
  • Acting dishonestly in relation to tests, assessments, etc required for course assessment purposes
  • Bullying and intimidation
  • Behaving in an offensive manner such as swearing, yelling or using offensive language
  • Use of illegal drugs or alcohol
  • Stealing, vandalising or causing wilful damage to Skills Australia Institute’ property
  • Endangering the safety of yourself or others

Consequences of Unacceptable Behaviour

Where behaviour is unacceptable, disciplinary action can be taken. A trainer can ask a student to leave the classroom or refuse entry to a classroom, if the behaviour is disruptive or dangerous.

A student may be suspended for behaviour that threatens the safety of others, interferes with the duties of staff or other learners’ study, damages or threatens the Institute’s property or the good order of the Institute.


Students must attend all classes including tests and assessments during the course and abide by the rules and regulations set out by Skills Australia Institute. Skills Australia Institute reserves the right to terminate a student’s enrolment at any stage if the student is found to be in breach of the Student Code of Conduct. Further information is available in the Student Handbook.

If a student is found to be attempting to forge a doctor certificate for attendance records, this will result in the student being suspended from studies and may lead to cancellation of their enrolment.

Any student found to be involved in activities, which contravene Australian law will be automatically have their enrolment cancelled.

Dress Code

Students are expected to observe the dress code whilst undertaking training with Skills Australia Institute.

Business students are expected to be dressed in acceptable office attire whilst attending class.

Hospitality students must wear a white shirt/blouse, black trousers and black closed-toe shoes. Whilst attending workplace training, students are required to wear a skills Australia Institute trainee name badge.

Students undertaking a work placement are to abide by the dress code set out by the host employer.

Students or their Education Agents must inform Skills Australia Institute if they are unable to commence their course prior to the course commencement date.

Please refer to the Refund Specifications and Cancellation Fees for further information.

Skills Australia Institute collects, stores and uses personal information only for the purposes of administering student and prospective student admissions, enrolment and education. The information collected is confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties without your consent, except to meet government, legal or other regulatory authority requirements and/or to authenticate information provided to us as part of our application process. Skills Australia Institute’s Privacy Policy reflects the National Privacy Principles set out in the Privacy Act 1988 as well as the Information Privacy Principles set out in the Information Privacy Bill 2007 (WA). Further information about our Privacy Policy is available on request.

Your personal information (including the personal information contained on this enrolment form and your training activity data) may be used or disclosed by Skills Australia Institute for statistical, regulatory and research purposes. Skills Australia Institute may disclose your personal information for these purposes to third parties,

Under the Standards for Registered Training Organisation (RTOs) 2015 Clauses 7.5, 8.1 and 8.2, Skills Australia Institute is required to adhere to the National VET Provider Collection Data Requirements Policy. Skills Australia is required to report all their nationally recognised training to the National VET Provider Collection managed by the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER).

The information made available for these purposes will not identify individuals, except where an individual requests a Unique Student Identifier authenticated VET transcript. The information will also be presented in aggregate form, either by RTO, training type, industry sector, except where unit level data is required by VET regulators to support VET regulation or to populate an Unique Student Identifier authenticated VET transcript. For further information on how data will be able to be accessed, refer to the National Centre for Vocational Education Research’s Data Access Protocols, available at www.ncver.edu.au.

Under the Data Provision Requirements 2012, Skills Australia Institute is required to collect personal information about you and to disclose that personal information to the National Centre for Vocational Education Research Ltd (NCVER).

Your personal information (including the personal information contained on your enrolment form), may be used or disclosed by Skills Australia Institute for statistical, administrative, regulatory and research purposes Skills Australia Institute may disclose your personal information for these purposes to:

  • Commonwealth and State or Territory government departments and authorised agencies; and
  • NCVER.

Personal information that has been disclosed to NCVER may be used or disclosed by NCVER for the following purposes:

  • populating authenticated VET transcripts;
  • facilitating statistics and research relating to education, including surveys and data linkage;
  • pre-populating RTO student enrolment forms;
  • understanding how the VET market operates, for policy, workforce planning and consumer information; and
  • administering VET, including program administration, regulation, monitoring and evaluation.

You may receive a student survey which may be administered by a government department or NCVER employee, agent or third party contractor or other authorised agencies. Please note you may opt out of the survey at the time of being contacted.

NCVER will collect, hold, use and disclose your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), the National VET Data Policy and all NCVER policies and protocols (including those published on NCVER’s website at www.ncver.edu.au).

Students are required to inform Skills Australia Institute if there are any changes to their personal details at the earliest possible convenience. This may include but not limited to address, phone number, email and address emergency contact.

Skills Australia Institute will take no responsibility for any information that a student may not receive due to changes in their personal details.

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