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5 Reasons Why Commercial Cookery Is A Great Career Choice

5 Reasons Why Commercial Cookery Is A Great Career Choice

Australia is a country of food lovers. The vibrant food culture has the influences of different multicultural elements. This is why there is no dearth of jobs in the hospitality sector.

The hospitality industry has an annual growth rate of about 14%. At the same time, the Australian government forecasts more growth in the hospitality sector throughout the next five years. In fact, it is believed that there will be about 80,000 new job openings.

There is a massive demand for good chefs and cooks. So, anyone who loves to cook can opt for a commercial cookery course and build a rewarding career.

What is commercial cooking?

Commercial cooking, it means the art, science, and craft of preparing food for consumption. As Australia is home to sophisticated restaurants and hotels, learning commercial cookery is a good choice for those who wish to build a career in this sector.

By doing a commercial cookery course one can gain skills that can be applied all over the world in many different categories. There are several cookery courses for international students where one gets to learn how to motivate and lead kitchen teams, identify and solve operational and service issues, plan different types of food production, schedule workflow, understand and resolve legal compliance problems, and plan and prepare a menu that can attract customers.

If you are looking for colleges in Adelaide Australia to study a commercial cooking course, it is important to know about the benefits.

Here are the top 5 reasons why commercial cookery is a great career choice.

Higher Job Opportunities

With the right qualification and experience, a career in the commercial cookery sector can open doors to many job opportunities. After completing a commercial cookery course in any reputed college in Adelaide, Australia, you can apply for different job positions, ranging from apprentice to executive chef. The job profile also varies depending on the type of cuisine you have the expertise, from baker to pastry chef.

Even if you start your career from a small restaurant with time and experience you can easily make it all the way up to 5-star hotels, as there will not be any limitation on your growth. Also, with time, you can start your own business in the food sector. In fact, it has been found that expert culinary workers end up owning their own businesses in the hospitality sector.

Moreover, a career in this sector offers global opportunities and you get to explore different parts of Australia as well as other parts of the world.

Good Income

When it comes to choosing a career path, everyone thinks from an income perspective. One of the best parts about the hospitality industry is that upon completion of the course you will land yourself in higher-paying jobs.

Whether you want to study a commercial cookery course or a chef cookery course, getting a job in this sector means you get to earn a good amount. The average salary for a cook in Australia is over $60,000 a year or $29.36 per hour depending on rank. The starting wage for new employees is $48,757 per year, with seasoned staff getting a payment of up to $68,250 per year. Apart from the salary, there are also tips, bonuses, and perks.

Apart from doing a job in the initial years of your career, you can even plan to start your own business. Owning your own business means you get to provide employment to others. Also, if the business becomes a lot, there are lots of perks.

You Can Show Your Creativity

Another reason why you should opt for a commercial cookery course is that in this field you get to showcase your creativity and even challenge your creative side.

For a chef, every day is a challenge. Here one needs to keep experimenting and come up with new dishes every now and then. Only new dishes that suit the taste buds of different customers can ensure a good flow of customers and a profitable business. One cannot take a customer for granted and there is always a need to offer an entertaining experience for the customers. For instance, you cannot sell the same cheesecake for years. Customers will get bored and will expect something new in terms of flavour and look.

So, for anyone who loves new challenges and has the zest to try and experiment with new dishes , then a career within this sector might be a great option for you. Moreover, food has no boundaries and there are lots of new things to try and experiment with.

Growing Industry

The hospitality sector is one of the major industries in the Australian market. Well, in 2020 and 2021 the food industry saw a massive loss due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, but now the scenario has changed.

In fact, experts believe that the hospitality industry is expected to exceed $108 billion by 2023. Today, there are many new job openings for cooking professionals, making commercial cookery courses very popular amongst youngsters.
Upon completion of a commercial cookery course or chef cookery course in any of the reputed colleges in Adelaide Australia, you can get a job related to professional cooks that can manage their kitchen, manage and train staff, help and plan to develop new dishes.

Get to Enjoy Independence

A career after completion of a commercial cooking course means you get the opportunity to earn your livelihood and share your love for food with others. At the same time, there is the benefit of independence that is actually absent in other professions.

Being a cook or chef gives you the opportunity and independence to cook or prepare a dish as you like. There is no fixed guideline to follow a recipe. Here you get to experiment with new things and manage your own cooking and kitchen.

With experience, you get to set up your own restaurant. If you specialize in a specific cuisine you can open a restaurant focusing on that cuisine. You can even work on multi cuisines. The choice is up to you.


To sum up, if you are planning to study in Australia and build a commercial career, then you have made a good choice. After completing any commercial cookery course, you do not have to look back. The growth in this career path is tremendous. Study commercial cookery in one of the best colleges in Adelaide Australia, and take your passion for cooking to the next level.

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