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Why International Students prefer vocational courses over degree courses in Australia?

Vocational courses are a series of programs that add to the practical knowledge and training of the individuals in a particular field such as hospitality, business, trade, technology, office work, and many others that make them industry ready and paves way for better job opportunities.

So, now that you know what vocational courses actually are, you should also be aware of the fact that basically, the vocational courses are international student’s preferences. According to the conducted surveys and reports, it has been observed that nowadays international student, as well as the parents, generally prefers the enrollment in a vocational course rather than in a degree course.

Australia has been in the top 10 study abroad countries in the world in 2019…

Australia has always been a fantastic place to pave ways for further education and look forward to a flourishing career. Among all the countries in the world, Australia stands third in the list of most sought after countries as a preferred destination for higher education and it is also expected to take over the UK soon and be on the second position. Australia fascinates the international students most due to its overwhelming welcoming culture and advanced technology along with the dynamic nature that involves blue skies and attractive sea beaches that allure students to study and enjoy the nature at the same time. The 100 top universities in the world include 6 world-renowned Australian universities with over 22000 courses and above 700000 international students studying in Australia. These are just a few factors that attract aspirants to study in Australia.

The Skills Australia Institute (RTO Number 52010 | CRICOS Code 03548F) is a renowned institution in Australia having its campus in different locations offering various certificate and Diploma courses. The following reasons will make it clear as to why international students prefer vocational courses more than any other degree course in Australia…

  • Makes you job-ready faster than the degree course:

In the degree courses and universities, most of the study is theory-based and does not guarantee knowledge enhancement and practical learning. This may not be able to gain the desired job position. But vocational education provides the opportunity of practical learning and helps in gaining a job faster than the degree course. It also makes the student industry ready while learning.

  • More valued and higher chances of getting hired:

The vocational workers are less in number in various sectors. This increases the chances of students getting placed in well renowned industry, who successfully completes their studies in vocational courses like hospitality courses, business courses, etc. from a college in Perth. Hence, the individuals having accomplished vocational courses have more chances of getting hired and valued than those who have completed a degree course.

  • Chances of earning more since the very beginning:

Usually, it has been observed that the people having completed Certificate III or IV in Marketing Courses or Diploma in Child care courses are earning more from the very beginning of their career than those who have completed a graduate or postgraduate degree in the same field. This is because the vocational course adds to the practical learning of the students whereas degree courses generally impart theory-based learning.

  • Can be completed in relatively less time:

The Vocational courses in Perth are designed with very effective and practical-based learning modules that make the students industry-ready while learning and also consumes less time for the accomplishment of the course than the degree courses. Most of the VET courses can be completed within 1 year or even lesser that includes the different certificate, diploma and advanced diploma courses.

  • Lower cost and more value:

The vocational courses cost lesser in enrolment and material fees but still ads more value to the qualification and training and help in grabbing a better job opportunity than many degree courses that even cost higher and takes more time to accomplish.

  • Provides flexible learning:

Most of the college in Perth offers vocational training and education courses for international students that can be started at any point of time in a year. These courses do not follow a strict timeline like that of the degree courses.

After attaining the knowledge of all the benefits that Vocational courses has, let us also know about the various vocational courses in Australia.

Most demanding Vocational Courses in Perth:

  • Business Courses: The VET courses in Australia in the sector of business enhance the knowledge and skills of the individuals in strategizing, implementation, and execution of the business activities, operations and management.
  • Commercial Cookery Courses: Diploma of Hospitality Management (COURSE CODE SIT50416 | CRICOS CODE 097988D) in Hospitality equip the students with the skills of cookery, hotel management, hospitality knowledge and many other training required in the hospitality industry.
  • Marketing Courses: The VET qualification attained in the marketing courses in Australia will equip the students with the practical skills required in the organization relating to the marketing sector such as lead generation, customer service provision, customer satisfaction and many more.
  • Child Care Courses: The Child care courses offered in Perth in the VET qualification will make the students eligible for various job opportunities in the early childhood care sector like family care worker, tutor, childcare worker and many other reputed positions as soon as the individual completes the Certificate III or IV in the Early Childhood education and care course.

Excited to go to Australia for a vocational education and training course? Before you can get going, there are a few things you need to know about the basic requirements to study in Australia.

Basic Entry Requirements:

To get enroled for VET, the basic necessity includes students must have completed their studies equivalent to Australian year 10, 11 or 12. Few courses may also include prerequisite subjects or work experience requirements. There could also be additional entry requirements like  English language requirements, information on fees and charges, and course starting dates, which a student must check with individual course providers in Perth.

So, if you are interested to study a vocational course in Australia, grab a life-changing job opportunity and get yourself enroled in one of the VET courses that excite you the most in Skilled Australia Institute now!

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